The Importance of Preventive Maintenance

According to a large scale study in 2017 by the worldwide accounting firm Deloitte, a staggering $50 Billion is lost in the manufacturing industry due to unscheduled downtime.

Unplanned downtime can be anything from an electric failure, staffing issues, or a problem with the manufacturing equipment. From a system failure to a burnt-out motor, even a few minutes of unscheduled downtime can severely hamper a company.
The knock-on effect of unplanned downtime could undermine the productivity predictions, affect delivery times and put undue pressure on machinery and personnel when trying to make up for a lost time. While there are numerous attempts to stop unscheduled downtime altogether – the Deloitte report looks at the Internet of Things as a possible solution. However, major high-tech solutions are probably decades away.
In the present day, eliminating unscheduled downtime entirely is almost impossible; however, we can severely limit its accordance with regular preventive maintenance.


Industrial Preventive Maintenace

Most industrial machinery fails due to over-use, poor maintenance, or an undetected fault that gradually gets worse to the point of failure. Preventive maintenance packages in industrial centres are designed to detect these faults and repair them long before failure occurs. Regular maintenance also can help increase the overall service life of vital components, including motors and pumps.


Scheduled Downtime

Our preventive maintenance packages for industrial and manufacturing centres include a fully designed and scheduled downtime calendar. We can come to a premise bi-annually to carry out vital maintenance to ensure the continued competency of motors and pumps. This scheduled downtime allows a business to plan around maintenance so as not to affect their manufacturing and delivery schedules.
This service is designed to increase the overall service life of machinery. Improve the planning throughout the manufacturing plant and, of course, detect any potential errors or faults before they cause unscheduled downtime.

Our professional service is designed to help prevent unscheduled downtime in your factory, warehouse or manufacturing plant. For additional information on our range of packages, please see our preventive maintenance page, or contact us directly on: 01-4541066


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