Preventative Maintenance

Apex Electrical Rewinds offer superior 24-hour call-out servicing for Pumps, Motors and Generators.

Preventative Maintenance

Apex Electrical Rewinds Ltd. offer a comprehensive and professional preventive maintenance service, which ensures the efficient running of industrial plant machinery.

Our range of flexible preventive maintenance packages offers in-depth inspecting and error reporting on electric motors and industrial plants.

Regular preventive maintenance helps prevent unscheduled downtime, ensuring the efficient running of all plant machinery and increases the overall working lifespan of industrial pumps and electric motors.

To schedule preventive maintenance in your industrial or commercial property, get in contact with Apex Electrical Rewinds Ltd. today.

Advantages of Preventative Maintenance

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Preventive maintenance on industrial pumps and electric motors helps prevent major breakdowns and burn-outs which can lead to expensive repairs or complete replacements. Our preventive maintenance experts detect any issue with your machinery before they become major problems.

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Helps Prevent Unscheduled Downtime

Regular preventive maintenance helps prevent breakdowns or unforeseen issues with industrial pumps or motors. Therefore industrial plant owners can be more exact when creating their production timelines.

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 Increase Working Lifespan of Machinery

Preventative maintenance ensures that an industrial pump and/or an electric motor lasts longer. Our preventive maintenance packages include an in-depth service of machinery components, ensuring their continuing efficiently.

For additional, information on our industrial machinery preventive maintenance services, get in contact with Apex Electrical Rewinds Ltd. today.

Our Industrial Preventive Maintenance Packages

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We Call To Your Site Bi-Annually

When your business decides to put into place a preventive maintenance system with us, we will call out to your premises to assess your pump(s).
Following this, our engineers will call out to your premises bi-annually. During these call-outs, our engineers will perform a series of checks and tests to ensure that your pump is running efficiently, safely and continuously.

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Tests are Carried Out

Preventative Maintenance aims to find the source of any such problems before they lead to the breaking down of the pump or motor. By putting our preventative maintenance system into place at your business, we can ensure that your pumps are kept running without interruption or need for repair thus saving you time and money.

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Full Service on Pump(s)

Pump Preventative maintenance is a system we have developed from the experience and expertise of our engineers. We regularly see apartment blocks, pubs, hotels and other such businesses with pumps that have underlying problems that cause their machine to break resulting in the need for expensive and time-consuming repairs.

To discuss your preventive maintenance needs with one of our engineers, get in contact with Apex Electrical Rewinds Ltd. today.

Preventative Maintenance FAQ

  • I need an industrial preventive maintenance company near me. What is your catchment area?

    From our two dedicated Dublin locations, we offer preventive maintenance to clients in Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Louth and Wicklow.

  • How much is preventive maintenance?

    We offer bespoke pricing on all our packages. We only ever charge for the preventive maintenance you need. To discuss our preventive maintenance services get in contact with us today.